Neuromarketing Masterclass

Neuromarketing Masterclass

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  • Joi, 20 februarie, 2020 - Vineri, 21 februarie, 2020
  • Bucharest  vezi harta
  • 500 euro Early bird: 320 euro + VAT 19%

  • 10:00
  • 0743.183.353 / 021.337.23.54

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Correct understanding of consumers' needs, desires and emotions is a huge challenge for any company wanting to grow loyal customers and create an effective CX (customer experience) strategy. The classical market research methodology, which we are already familiar with, is incomplete and it can only probe the consumer's conscious reactions, but not his subconscious. Neuromarketing fills this informational gap and it identifies, using tools such as EEG, Eye tracking or IAT, true untapped "gold mines" which are extremely valuable to any company, regardless of industry. 

Campbell, Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, PayPal, Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, are not just brands you've surely heard of. They are brands who understand they cannot keep up with the consumers without the help of Neuromarketing. It's time to discover how you can integrate the basic principles of Neuromarketing into the strategies you want to develop!

This MasterClass is specifically designed to teach you how to apply neuroscience principles to improve your customer loyalty and customer experience strategies. Applying the principles outlined in the two days, you will gain a better understanding of consumer behavior, the triggers that nudge clients to buy and the experiences they want. Through practical exercises we make sure that you know exactly how to apply and adapt this knowledge in building a CX strategy that fits your industry. 

You will have the opportunity to learn from experts who have over 20 years of global expertise, consulting some of the world's largest companies in different industries and geographies.


Day 1

Behavioral model of CX. What is the impact of effort on consumer experience? When does effort turn into frustration and alienates clients?

The added value that Neuromarketing brings and its specific tools. 

Psychological and behavioral science principles of CX. 

Let's meet our consumers! About memory, emotions, behaviors, consumption habits and thinking patterns (System 1 & 2).

Interactive discussion session starting with case studies (communication campaigns), followed by the practical session.

During the practical session, participants will come up with a business problem from their company, that they can fix using CX. They will work in teams to outline the first part of the strategy, namely the communication strategy, by using the concepts that they have learned so far.

Day 2

How do we build the CX strategy? The importance of a customer centric culture, how to build it and how to measure it.

What is the applicability of non-conscious insights? Interactive discussions based on case studies. 

Interactive discussions along case studies showcasing specific business problems solved by a good CX strategy.

Participants work in teams to finalize the CX strategy project started in the previous day. They will present their CX strategies. The best team wins a prize!


 - Communication and marketing professionals who need a new perspective on communication strategies.

- Professionals who work in a competitive environment and service a demanding audience.

- Managers who understand the need to implement new communication techniques to connect with the consumer.

- Any communicator who understands that the brand’s evolution is not limited to delivering a message.

- Market research specialists who want to deeply understand the decision-making process of the target audience.

- Customer experience professionals who want to improve their companies’ CX or customer engagement strategies and use them as differentiators.

- Decision makers that aim to build a customer centric organization that would deliver superior customer engagement strategies and experiences to its clients.

The course will be held in English.


The registration fee is 500 euro + VAT (19%). Early Bird discount rate of € 420 + VAT for registrations made before November 1st.  

Corporate pack: Companies registering more than 4 participants will benefit from case studies tailored to their industries.

Registration fee includes:

A viable CX strategy that can be implemented 

Electronic course support (notes)

Access to exercises and debates

Trainer guidance throughout the event

Diploma of participation

Lunch and coffee breaks


You can register by calling us at: +40743.183.353 or by sending an e-mail to: or